Nils van Oosten

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-04-08 om 16.24.16


My target:

Jumping 5,000 m in total and collecting as much sponsorship money as possible.

Why do I participate?

When I discovered kitesurfing in 2017, I immediately knew that this sport has something special to offer. That was also the year in which I lost my father to cancer and since then there are (too) many people around me who have to deal with this terrible disease. Kitesurfing brought me a lot of peace and freedom and to this day every session on the water brings a new feeling and experience. Sometimes there are sessions where I keep feeling the “high” for days and I like to share this feeling with everyone! I hope my contribution can help someone in their battle with this terrible disease. Not only the patient but also the people around them.

Although I like kitesurfing, I live 2 hours from the beach. In combination with work and a family it is not always easy. But this action in combination with my love for the sport will motivate me to spend a few extra times or longer on the water!