How it works

Kite&Jump 4Life is a fundraiser campaign comparable to the sponsor runs you might know from the past. Only instead of running in circles around a pitch, we go kiting as often as possible to track (horizontal distance in kilometers) and jumps (vertical altitude in meters).

Throughout the month of May, when the wind blows, when we can make time for it and when we feel like it. That is why every single session and upload is more than welcome. So go for it any time you can!

Sponsoring a participant is done per altimeter jumped and per distance sailed in kilometers. That is why every Euro is very welcome. Sponsor wisely and set your own maximum to avoid surprises at the end.

Every Kiter, Foiler, Winger, Supper can participate. Because ultimately it is all about the community effort. Set your own target based on your level and get out there on the water, 4 LIFE!

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Participant registration

Register yourself as a participant by filling in the registration form. Indicate how much altitude and/or distance you expect to achieve as a target for the entire month of May. To get an idea you can look at your average number of sessions per month and your average heights/distance from the past.

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Profile & Registration Confirmation

After registration we will create a profile page for you. This profile page contains a photo, your motivation, and a personal sponsorship link. This is done manually, and can therefore take a few days. You will also receive a 'Challenge accepted' media tool from us that you can then use to make a promo for yourself and the event.

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Search sponsors

It is time to look for sponsors in your network. You can forward the potential sponsors to your personal profile page. When clicking on your personal sponsor link, your sponsor is able to select you. When recruiting sponsors, consider sharing your personal media tool and profile page link on social media, with friends and family, or at work.

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Kick-Off Kite&Jump 4Life


Kite and/or jump as much as possible throughout the month of May to raise money for the Kite4Life Foundation. The more we jump and sail together, the more cancer patients and their plus ones we can introduce to kitesurfing.

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Log & upload your session

Track your sessions with your favorite (gps) tool. You can think of Surfr. app, Woo or PIQ. Or if you log distance via, for example, Strava or your sports smart watch. Upload after every session via the personal link that is in your registration confirmation email.

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End of K&J 4L 2023

31 May: Final day

May 31 is your last chance to do another session that counts for the final result. After May 31, we will work hard to calculate all totals. We shall announce these as soon as possible.

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Announcing totals

Mid June

We will festively announce the total amounts as soon as these have been added up.

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Collecting innings

Mid June

By mid-June, all sponsors will receive a payment request from the Kite4Life Foundation via email stating the total amount raised by their participant.