Kevin Houwaart

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-04-06 om 19.55.41


My target:

Kitesurfing a total of 200 kms!

Why do I participate?

It would be super cool if we can raise a nice amount. We could than introduce even more (ex) cancer patients and their loved ones to this wonderful sport on the water. Kiting, living in the moment, surrounded by nature. Offering one strength and confidence. Always something to look forward to. With your head in the wind, simply focussing just on the kiting. It makes all your worries disappear like snow in the sun. That’s why I want to collect money for this foundation, so that we can organize even more or larger events. Giving people a day they will never forget. So when the wind blows in May, the sun is still above the sea and I don’t have to work. Then I pack my things and I go kiting. kite4life! Sponsor me for those danger meters and support this wonderful foundation. Cheers Kevin!