Julian M

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-04-11 om 21.25.27


My target:

Jumping a total of 3000 meters.

Why do I participate?

Kitesurfing for a good cause, and at the same time pushing your own limits by trying to jump as high as possible, or sailing as far as possible, should appeal to everyone.

Also this year I want to participate in Jump4Life again. Especially for the other to experience those first meters on a kite. Dragging on the beach, with the sand between your toes. Or over the water, pulled by the kite. And for myself in search of just that one meter more in height.

The month of May is always uncertain regarding wind. It is therefore best to bet on “total height jumped”. Last year my goal was 2,000 meters, which ended up being 2,742 meters. This year I want to try again to jump as many altimeters as possible. Could 3,000 meters be possible this year?

Will you sponsor me for charity this year?