Joey van de Bilt

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-04-06 om 20.13.53


My target:

Kitesurfing a total of 200 KMS.

Why do I participate?

Why do I participate? The question you should ask yourself is why you’re not participating. If you are active and especially with kite surfing, there is nothing more fun than doing sport and contributing to a good cause. In addition, you can set a goal for yourself and challenge yourself! 21 FEB 2022 is the day I lost my loving mother to this rotten disease. She loved the beach and I loved kite surfing. In the past 3 years that my mother has been ill, we enjoyed the beach nature and feeling of freedom together. Going out together during the weekend was always a challenge, but the moment you are at the water or on the beach with the waves breaking and the wind blowing gives you a feeling of freedom, as free as a bird, that’s how my mother felt too which has now flown.