Aya Eiffel

Scherm­afbeelding 2023-04-24 om 21.18.15


My target:

Kitesurfing a total of 1500 km in May!

Why do I participate?

On a return flight back to California where I was living and training for the 2004 Olympic games, I lost consciousness…

After an emergency landing in Denver, I was rushed to the hospital and surgery… 32.

My sister lost the battle at 30. My mother, my aunt… also lost to this horrible disease. I survived… twice.

As a multiple world champion in different sports, I can honestly say…

There is no greater title I have ever won… than that of my own life.

In 2018, older and retired, I had a scare that “it” was back. I was blessed to get the all-clear but this scare made me take action. Made me stop making excuses… I started kiteboarding.

Now the sport that I was very scared to try because of failing eyesight and old age has become one of my greatest passions.

And now, thanks to Kite4Life, this amazing sport has potential to raise awareness and support so other fighters, survivors and their families can experience the joy of life that kiteboarding brings to me