The kitesurf community fundraiser


Kite&Jump 4Life is a fundraiser project of the Kite4Life Foundation. It is an annual kitesurfing event held during the month of May.


The aim is simple: raising money by kiting and jumping to support the goals of the Kite4Life Foundation.


Participants are sponsored by their networks, per sailed kilometers or per jumped meters. Every meter counts because: the greater the distances sailed, the more jumps are recorded and the more participants participate, the higher the total amount raised will be.


2024 is our 4th year and our aim to fundraise € 15,000! Will you join us this year?


Kite&Jump 4Life is a fundraiser event raising money to support the mission of the Kite4Life Foundation, which facilitates beginner’s kitesurfing lessons and organizes beach activities for (ex) cancer patients and their loved ones with the aim of (re)discovering feelings of Freedom, Hope and Pride.

Rider: Edo Pappot


We believe that kiting can support the recovery process after cancer. It is a means to promote your physical and mental recovery. As soon as your kite catches wind and your board hits the water, you need all your attention to brave the elements. It rewards you by stimulating all your senses and helps you let go of your daily worries. In the long term, kiting can even have a meditative effect. We would like to share this feeling!


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