Aya Eiffel

Erika Aya Eiffel

Aya “Iron Maiden” Eiffel

Mijn Doel:

The opportunity to use my passion for kiteboarding for such a great cause is why I hope you will consider sponsoring my goal of 1400 kilometres.

Waarom doe ik mee?

Last year I participated and we raised so much awareness and support that I couldn’t resist taking part again.
As a two-time survivor, I personally know how sport helped me win the battle for my body. But most importantly how it helped me win the battle for my life which takes place long after the physical battle is won.
This year my challenge will be kiteboarding on both land and water!  Kite landboarding is risky for jumping and much slower than kiteboarding on water.  However, who doesn’t love a good challenge for a great cause?